It was during our drive through North Carolina that we came to this little place claiming it serves BBQ pork cooked on the hot pit.

Bert was sick of the long journey and wanted to stop, and we were all rather famished so I pulled over and we got off to check out the place.


Chopped pork seemed to be the superstar, so we ordered that with a mix of sides. Bert wanted a hamburger so we got that too.


Over the meal, we talked to the owner, a lady with a nice smile, as there didn’t seem to be a lot of customers at that hour. It was said that the place is famous for their butter beans, which was admittedly too good to be missed. Fatty ham hock was the secret.

From that short meal, we also learned that people in North Carolina love barbecued pork. Sliced pork, pulled pork burgers, you name it, North Carolina has it.


After the mains, we had a slice of their sweet potato pie. As you can see from the photo, the filling is a creamy bright orange from fresh sweet potatoes. The crust is thin, which is how I like it. I’d come back again for the pie alone, but who’d want to miss the barbecue?

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