9ba35f65f7729f6df345d409104aa68aWe all know that a house is incomplete without a functional kitchen. For people who don’t consider ordering take-out an option, a kitchen that doesn’t have good cookware is a nightmare. Being one of those people who would rather cook than order food from a restaurant, I have to pay attention to my kitchen needs. That’s why I set out to get the best cookware set for my kitchen.

Buying cookware is never a matter of just picking any pots and pans in the sizes you need. It takes more than that. It’s not a matter of selecting the cheap stuff either. Cheap is, after all, expensive. Sometimes you need to dig deeper into your pocket because the cookware you buy will determine if you make good meals or not. If I purchased a pan made of thin-gauge material, it would make me susceptible to eating burned food as opposed to a pan made of heavy-gauge material.

In my quest for the best, I considered the small details that would make my life easier when cooking. I chose pots and pans that have handles and lids, both heatproof, so that I don’t burn my hands when cooking. Same for the wooden and plastic cooking spoons. I considered the pan sizes, both width and depth, keeping in mind the type of food I was likely to cook often, and the quantity. The last thing I wanted was to carry home a small pan for cooking pasta that would result in spillage all over my oven.

Lastly, and this was very important to me, I ensured that each pan I bought was non-stick. I’ve been trying to lose weight and therefore, don’t use a lot of oil in my cooking. With nonstick cookware, I’m able to use a little oil and not worry about the food sticking to the pan. What’s more, it’s always a good thing to know that I’m getting the support I need from all quarters, even my cookware.

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